10/24/2006 11:03 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

As the Election Winds Down, Bush still DOESN'T GET IT

As I wrote in my Hardball Column today, President Bush's divisive rhetoric these final days going into the election is no surprise. And when the Democrats prevail in two weeks, he will have no one to blame but himself.

When I look back at my posts over the last two years, it is obvious that I had joined a chorus of those who thought we were doomed to do nothing but complain until the 2008 election.

But the voters had more faith in the system and more impatience for the status quo than I imagined. And I credit the blogosphere for much of the movement. Not only has the web drawn millions of Americans to become informed and engaged, it has consistently maintained pressure on the mainstream media (though most will deny it) since the 2004 election to push back on the White House spin.

And now, despite the most aggressive dominance of one-party control that I have ever seen in my 30 years in Washington, DC, community dissent has risen above power and money. People from all walks of life across this country have expressed a dissatisfaction often bordering on outrage at the direction of our country. For sure, the leading crisis for those views is the failing war in Iraq. But it is clear from the current election polling in so many congressional districts that concern about the domestic agenda is also on voter's minds.

It is not trite to say nor can it be repeated enough that we are living in a country with great gifts - in our land, in our prosperity and in our constitutional democracy. But surely our greatest gift must be in our people - in the natural empathy that our citizens have for each other. And when we feel the election tide swelling as are experiencing it right now, it is because the people of this country know that we are more connected and interdependent than ever before and we need leadership that listens to all of us, not just half of us.

President Bush's threats and fear mongering in the closing weeks of this campaign are and will continue to be nothing more than an attempt to drive a wedge deeper into this country. Each day we hear of a new Congressional district he or Vice President Cheney is visiting to scare those who would consider voting for a Democrat because Democrats want to let terrorists roam free and our citizens to be taxed into bankruptcy. Of course it isn't working. The President's inability to understand that people inherently want leadership that brings us together rather than dividing us further apart will be his failing in this election. And, I predict it will be the single most dominant reason for a failed 43rd Presidency.

Mr. President, the partisan Democrat in me is glad you are so miscalculating your bully pulpit opportunity as this election winds down. But the American in me is still saddened by your failure to rise to the challenge and inspire America to embrace its greatest gift.