06/13/2014 12:24 pm ET Updated Aug 13, 2014

Dad Taught Us So Much

Fathers play a major role in a child's life. They can be protective, supportive and may play a role in helping to reduce troubled behavior and psychological problems in young adults. A 1997 study from the National Center for Education Statistics, even found that "father involvement in schools is associated with the higher likelihood of a student getting mostly A's."

While not all of us can be straight A students, Dads also have the ability to teach us a lot about life outside of a classroom. We posed the following question to the Medical Guardian staff: What is the best thing your father ever taught you how to do?

"He taught me how to change a tire during a thunderstorm when I was 16."

-Melissa Riggs, Executive Sales Administrator

"The best thing that my father taught me is how to be a selfless person and show respect for not only others, but myself too. By being a selfless and caring person himself, I have seen him and heard stories of him helping others in ways no one else would. My father is one of the greatest men I have ever met and it's difficult to believe there will ever be someone else like him. I can only hope the lessons that he has distilled upon me will be reflected through my life and be something I teach children of my own."

-Ashley Griffin, Administrative Assistant

"He passed when I was 18 but still managed to teach me how to fix and build anything. My mother still talks about the day when I was about 4 and he was under the car, feet hanging out from under it, changing the oil out of the station wagon and my pedal car was parked right next to the station wagon up on blocks with me under it, changing the oil out of the pedal car!"

-Jeff Goetschius, Life Safety Representative

"The best thing my father taught me is how to cook a traditional Cuban dinner which my family enjoys every year on Christmas Eve."

-Lauren Martinez, Junior Human Resources Generalist

"He taught me how to drive like a maniac--I'm a great knee-driver because of him!"

-Alexa Lower, Client Service Specialist

"My father taught me how to place a trifecta bet at the window and read the racing form, at Belmont Raceway. I loved to hang out with him and his buddies!!"

-Ellen Walker, Life Safety Representative

"My father taught me how to swing a baseball bat and throw a ball, which came in handy during my years playing ball in college."

-Matt Guerrieri, Digital Marketing Manager

"My mom was a nervous wreck when I was learning how to drive, so my Dad took over. He was so patient, and, unlike my mother, was able to remain cool and calm even when I was making mistakes. I have a flawless driving record thanks to him!"

-Hilary Young, Communications Manager

"My father at one time taught me that maturity comes with responsibility and that you can't go far in life without BOTH."

-Sharon Kilcrest, Client Service Specialist

"He taught me so much about what it takes to succeed but most importantly what the true meaning of what success is!"

-Robert Sidky, Director of IT

"He taught me how to cook, we would spend hours in the kitchen, he also taught about cars even though I don't drive, because he is mechanic."

-Talitha Pugh, Data Entry Processor

What's the best thing your Dad ever taught you? Let us know on Twitter: @MedicalGuardian