04/20/2012 07:14 am ET Updated Jun 20, 2012

Traveling In The Footsteps Of Alexander The Great (PHOTOS)

One of history's most celebrated generals, Alexander the Great has captured the world's imagination for thousands of years. Studied by historians, admired by rulers both ancient and modern and still the subject of stories in the lands through which he marched, Alexander's name reaches out through history like no other.

Yet over 2,300 years after his death, it is still possible to not only trace the journey of Alexander, but to follow it. You can discover things along this path that put you at the very heart of Alexander's story -- just a heartbeat away from the places he stood, the cities he conquered and even the very people he knew and loved.

In fact, the list of sites relating to the life of Alexander the Great is remarkably large. So here at Historvius, we thought we'd put together a selection of some of the best sites from Alexander's journey to have survived the ages.

Travel in the Footsteps of ... Alexander the Great