04/15/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

A Valentine's Day Note to My Man

Dear Barack,

We need to talk. Your confidence seems shaken dear, and mine is too. I still want to go steady, but I am starting to feel uneasy about the level of your commitment and that ain't good. Have you made promises you can't keep OR are you just not the man I thought you were when you first came calling?

Please stop trying to be all things to all people and be true to yourself and me... the one you said you wanted.

Or do you just like Nancy Pelosi better than me?

Please, be the man you promised you were. Let go of your own fears to manage mine. If we are to take this journey together in partnership, I need to know what's real.

I still want you, admire you, and yes, need to believe in you as an agent of change, so I'm not ready to give up...

To show you that I'm still here and fighting for you to stay in it, here are ten Candy Heart Sayings, (chalky and lame), that I hope you will hear and digest...with love.

Stay Grounded.

Spell out health care.

Principle trumps Consensus.

Make Dems fear you.

Show GOP consequences.

Man UP!

Fight on!

Tell the Truth!

Be my Hero!

Love U LOTS xox

Holly Palance, writer.