05/08/2015 11:56 am ET Updated May 08, 2016

9 Reasons Why You Should Spoil Your Mom on Mother's Day

Holly Rust

Being a mom is one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet, but let's be honest here -- this job also comes with burnout, sleep deprivation and frequent moments of insanity. Our work never ends. This explains why we wear the same yoga pants and shirts laced with baby puke everyday.

As if walking through life like a zombie wasn't enough, here are many more reasons why moms desperately need to be pampered on Mother's Day:

1. We get zero compensation
The going rate for a mom is currently a big fat goose egg. If you added up all the things we do, I'm sure we could easily rake in a six-figure salary, plus a few bonuses.

2. We don't have comp days
Have the flu? Strep throat? Sorry, get your butt to work. When you're a mom, there aren't any days off. You can't tell your kid, "Sorry, you're not eating today because mommy is sick." You have to pick yourself up and take one for the team.

3. We don't get paid vacation time
Taking a vacation with kids can get pretty pricey and even if you do get the chance to go, it's not really a vacation for you. You're doing all the same mom-work, just in a different location.

4. We work 24/7
Middle of the night? You're on call. Weekends? No sleeping in. Evenings? Working those, too. No breaks, period.

5. No one cares about your CEO title
Just because you're the CEO of the household doesn't warrant you special privileges. You still have to wipe butts and snotty noises, and your kids don't listen to you either.

6. We have to deal with hazardous materials
I've spent the last five years cleaning up vomit, feces and God knows what else. I'm pretty sure the hospital should just provide HAZMAT suits when they send you home with your baby.

7. We get beat up
Especially if you're a boy mom. Everyday there are flying toys and wrestling matches going on in my house. Enter at your own risk.

8. We don't get much recognition
We only get one day a year that is dedicated to us. What's up with that? I think we should have a mom-hour every day. Who's with me?

9. We hold several positions
Moms hold many positions to include: chef, maid, financial advisor, bookkeeper, superhero, monster killer and boo-boo healer.

All moms are really asking for is a 15-minute daily break to at least pee alone, or be able to send an email without a toddler attacking your laptop, eat a meal sitting down, or be on-time somewhere -- just once. I would also suggest maybe throwing in a guiltless shoe fund just for fun. That's not asking too much. So on this Mother's Day be sure to spoil mom because she, without a doubt, deserves it.

Happy Mother's Day!