06/15/2015 11:20 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

7 Easy Wall Hangings That Make A Big Impact

There are all sorts of ways to fill a blank wall, but if you're looking to make an impact with your decor, go for bold color and varied texture, like these 7 award-worthy wall hangings that you can make in an hour or less! For maximum pop, layer a few decorations together and mix and match patterns and hues.

1. Wallpaper Artwork

Project via Angie @Postcards from the Ridge

Inspired by a designer look, this wall decoration is easy to make using cuts of wallpaper and simple frames.

2. Throw Rug Tapestry

Project via Kim @Made in a Day

For this brilliant display, start with a throw rug and add decoration of your own with yarn. This clever cheat gives you the tapestry to fit your space in a fraction of the time!

3. Pom Pom Hanging

Project via Bre @Brepurposed

As simple as a string of pom poms may be, choosing the right colors for this craft will make it pop off the wall and highlight the blank spaces of your home.

4. Yarn Wall Art

Project via Allison @Two Thirty-Five Designs

Choose skeins of thread in your color scheme, spend just one hour creating this fun design, and enjoy the eye-catching result.

5. Colorful Feather Garland

Project via Jessie @Lilyshop

Add a flair of the Southwest, with vibrantly colored feathers hanging from a string along a blank wall. This craft will give your space a change of texture, and it's incredibly to make.

6. No Weave Cut Hanging

Project via Becky @The Logbook

Choose a thick yarn for this simple design, and then tie, design, and cut your piece of art to perfectly fit your space.

7. Rainbow Tassel Row

Project via Krisha @Jacks & Kate

As simple as this wall hanging looks, it adds a colorful and fun flavor to your home, ideal for draping over a simple headboard or book shelf.

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