12/13/2012 07:41 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Blind Filmmaker's Amazing Story Will Open Your Eyes

When faced with an obstacle as severe as vision loss most would throw up their hands and accept their newfound misfortune. Some refuse to give in.

In 1997, documentary filmmaker Joseph Lovett was diagnosed with glaucoma. In order to confront his fear of losing his vision, Joe created Going Blind: Coming Out of the Dark About Vision Loss, an inspiring documentary that educates people about the realities of vision loss.

"To a large degree in our society we think that blindness does equal death. We think of it as a loss of independence. We think of it as being unable to do things. Luckily making this film Going Blind I was able to meet incredible people who showed me that they were very capable of doing things, and I would be too," says Lovett.

Check out how Joe overcame his hurdle:

Going Blind examines the lives of six different visually impaired people. "The people in the film have been given a certain hand in life and learned to deal it. You lose certain things but you learn to use what you have," declares Lovett.

Despite what vision loss Joe has already experienced, he continues to persist in the visually demanding profession of filmmaking.

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