10/12/2012 03:52 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Be an Everyday Superhero: Kids Reveal the Top Five Things You'll Need!

Superhero fever has taken over 2012 -- from blockbuster hits like The Avengers and Batman to the popular Comic Con conferences across the country. Even with Halloween still weeks away, Halloween stores can barely keep superhero costumes in stock on their shelves.

HooplaHa wanted to know how the average person can embody a superhero in real-life. Rather than asking adults, we got the answers from superhero fans known for holding nothing back --kids! We interviewed pint-size superhero kids at 2012 San Diego Comic Con and they told us the top five qualities of every superhero. Here's what they had to say and how you can adopt these superhero traits:

1. Awesome powers
Master a skill -- no matter how big or small -- that people will remember you for and appreciate. That one-of-a-kind trick you have for getting stains out of the carpet? Yup, that counts.

2. Strength
Maintain a strong moral character, by sticking firmly behind your values and commitments. This is the kind of strength that inspires others to take action. Of course, big muscles don't hurt either.

3. Super-speed
Be ready to react fast to anything life throws your way! The best way to achieve this is to maintain a solid foundation of friends, family and interests that make you happy. That way if life knocks you off your feet, you have a strong support group to get you back up and running!

4. Really good at saving the day!
Come to someone's rescue even if it seems like an insignificant burden or obstacle. How many times has someone saved your day by bringing you a fresh cup of coffee? Exactly.

5. Fights crime -- and put bad guys in jail.
Stand up for someone who is being bullied. Maybe you won't be able to put them in jail but you can certainly put them in their place by addressing their hurtful behaviors.

Check out the full video, "Amazing Adventures of Superhero Kids" for more adorable superhero insight!

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