04/24/2009 10:05 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

KCRW's Left Right & Center 4.24.09

Torture/ BofA/ Credit/ Stress Tests/ Chrysler/ Susan Boyle

Torture memo fallout continues, with calls from the far left to "cut off their heads." Is this wise - and how could Obama NOT have predicted the outcry? Even Fox News' Shepard Smith raised his voice to say torture is not aligned with America's fundamental values...Ken Lewis, CEO of Bank of America, told Andrew Cuomo that Henry Paulson and Ben Bernancke muzzled him--not to reveal to shareholders or the public the terrible condition of Merrill Lynch during BofA's takeover deal. This is a fiduciary responsibility and the government shut him up. What does it mean? President Obama scolded the credit card companies for their outrageous rates: Bob says the Good Book decries usury, while Tony sympathizes with credit card companies - they're supposed to lower their rates, while forgiving people's debts - there will be massive losses for the industry. A Chrysler bankruptcy may be a good thing for the workers, if done right, Bob declares. And Tony cheers the fairytale story of YouTube star, English singer Susan Boyle, proclaiming it a great hope for humanity.