06/09/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Left, Right & Center: From Stress Tests to Jack Kemp

Alert the media -- banks need money! Who's stressed and who's reassured by the government's test of the banks' capitalization? Can we muddle through the morass of the walking wounded institutions and come out the other end stronger? Will taxpayers ever get their money back? Whose shoulders should the burden fall on?

Pakistan's in serious danger, Afghanistan's hardly a model of an emerging democracy. Their leaders are in Washington; what will the United States' role be? Is President Obama falling for the trap of terrorism or should the focus on aid focus solely on nuclear weapons?

Maine legalized same sex marriage: is it still the political football it once was, or is this a human rights issue? Is it true, as Bob says, that state's rights have become the vehicle for progressive causes? And what is Obama's true position?

Plus we remember Jack Kemp.