12/15/2010 05:04 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Arianna 'Tawks' Education With Fran Drescher (VIDEO)

Arianna sat down to "tawk" with Fran Drescher on Tuesday. The former "Nanny" star recently launched her eponymous (and phonetic) "Fran Drescher Tawk Show."

Drescher's first question was about Arianna's strong positions and the reactions she gets.

"Especially women, they love it when you speak your mind," explained Arianna. "All of us as women have grown up with this desire to be constantly approved, and our fear is about expressing ourselves. When one of us does it, it's really validation for the rest of us. I feel that you can do it with grace and you can do it in a way that just makes it clear 'this is my truth, this is what I believe.' It can be about everything. You can have strong opinions, as I do, about politics and also about sleep. I'm a big believer in sleep!"

That kicked off the wide-ranging conversation. Along with politics and media, Arianna tackled education and had high praise for Michelle Rhee. "She's acting like a mom worrying about her own children," said Arianna while recognizing Rhee for bringing a sense of urgency to education.