10/08/2010 01:06 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Arianna On Good Day Atlanta: Brenda Carter's Is 'A Story That Sums It All Up'

Arianna appeared on Fox 5's Good Day Atlanta this morning with Brenda Carter, whose story was featured in Third World America.

Carter shared her experience of re-inventing herself after an unexpected layoff from an office job. Carter, a grandmother, went on to launch a praline business online.

"What was great about Brenda is that after she cried and was upset...she started trying to rebuild her life. It's important for everyone out there to know that we can rebuild our lives," Arianna said.

Carter says the praline business idea came from her mother, a hard-working single mother in New Orleans who also made and sold homemade pralines in the neighborhood and at a local school to help make ends meet.

"People would knock on our doors at all times of night asking to purchase these pralines," she recalled. "So as I was sitting at home I thought 'Hey I can do this too! This is something I can do and am comfortable doing.'"

WATCH the video here: