03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Move Your Money Director Eugene Jarecki Warns Colbert About 'Crazy Sociopaths Who Gamble With Your Money' (VIDEO)

Eugene Jarecki, who directed the Move Your Money video, stopped by the Colbert Report on Monday to warn Stephen about "crazy sociopaths who gamble with your money."

Colbert had some fun with the campaign, creating an opposing video for Citibank that would make for "a great ad ... that would also be a great new drama at 10pm on NBC." He also poked fun at "Arianna Huffingpo" and Bank of America for an ad that was placed on the Move Your Money story.

Acknowledging that community banks don't have an ATM on every corner, Eugene explained that the price for convenience is a broken system. He also pointed out that big banks are using our money to lobby Washington to keep that system the way it is.

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"How much cash do I need to start a bank?" he asked Eugene.

"I think you just have to ask the U.S. government for it. Just say you're failing."

WATCH: (Scroll down for original Move Your Money video)

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