04/13/2015 06:28 pm ET Updated Jun 13, 2015

The Most Important Thing You Forgot to Do Today

We are taught that certain things are essential for us to be successful human beings. That there is an unknown and ever changing series of boxes next to a column marked, "life," and if you ever successfully tick all of them at the same time, then you can finally be Successful with a capital S. Finally, you'll be whole. And we believe this because we're taught that all of it is necessary.

It is in the pharmaceutical companies' best interest that you believe you need every supplement you can take. It is in the advertising industry's best interests that you feel that you're missing out on something you haven't bought yet. It is in our employer's best interest for us to believe that we are building something greater than who we are, when we find ourselves working late, night after night, weekend after weekend.

There is nothing wrong with being driven. Be driven. Reach beyond yourself.

There is, however, something wrong with feeling incomplete, like you are missing some incredibly important and fundamental parts of a puzzle that will eventually, and finally, make you feel like you are the person you're supposed to be.

And yet, to achieve this feeling, all we need to do is accept ourselves. We need to accept the time we need to recharge, the time we need for family, the time we need to pursue our dreams and the time we need to zone out a little in front of the television.

Lust and hunger for the world and all it brings, but don't let your pursuit of it make you feel like a lesser person.

Charge fourth, ready to embrace the challenges of life but be equally ready to accept yourself for who you are, with all your failings and shortcomings, and all your successes and your triumphs.

With this acceptance of yourself in your back pocket, there is very little the world can throw at you that you won't be able to handle and take in your stride. Accept tiredness. Accept frustration. Accept joy. Accept the moments that make life, life. Accept grief and your need to mourn when someone close to you dies. Accept your desire for better things. And accept that the journey to what you're trying to accomplish with your life is as important as what you do eventually accomplish with it. It's a chase and that's all it ever will be and there is nothing wrong with that.

Sometimes, it will be hard. It will also always be worth it.

In the end, we die with all the scars and bruises that we suffer in the pursuit of what we want. We die with more to do than we could ever hope to do. It is those of us who accept this and embrace the life we have while we have it, that live life the most successfully.

You require no money, talent, education or experience to get this better life. All you need, is the ability to be kind to yourself.

Yes, everything you do is important and vital, yes, there are always things that need to be finished, forms to be filled out and deadlines to be met. But when you close this article and move onto the next incredibly important thing you have to do, try to remember that the only thing that is essential for you to be happy with the life you live, is accepting that it is yours to live, with all the responsibilities and divine joy that brings.

Happiness and wholeness are gifts we give ourselves. No one else controls your life, however tempting it may be to pass that responsibility on.

There are no rails on the ground you have to follow or boxes to tick.

There is only the vast open wilderness for you to explore and delight in.

It's petrifying.

But also, liberating.