08/16/2007 03:24 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Race Card

Several days ago I posted a piece on this site (and on my blog) about the 96 members of the Romney clan and their full frontal assault on Iowa. That smiling, extended family photo just struck me as an anachronistic image, at a time when the office of the presidency finally seemed open to a little diversity. Now, along the way, I took a brief sidetrip, saying that I didn't really care for white people, felt embarrassed to be one of them, etc...and a few people called me to task for trying to pull off some kind of ironic, hip double-reverse, or for forgetting that one's sense of identity doesn't arise from the color of one's skin, but from the content of one's character. Yeah, I got that a few decades ago.

But just to clarify: I was kidding. The whole "I don't care for white people" was a joke. Just having a little fun with stereotypes along the way to making a point about candidates putting out the perfect, uber-family photo as part of their resume. And this one struck me as looking very, very white, and it made me wonder if it might not have been a subliminal part of the message. But the few who called me out on this made the point that we've really gone past this as a society and race really has no part in the political debate. The stakes are too high to get mired in the old stupidity. And I agree.

Then this love note crawled out of Caucasia and landed on my blog. You can imagine for yourself the crayon clutched in the twisted, gnarly hand of the diseased soul who composed it.

"just more self hate from the hip guilted white dumbfuck__hey guilted whitey are you just not drooling at the mouth waiting for the day when you and your fellow whitetrash can crown obama__when that day comes it will be like china's cultural revolution__whites will have any remaining racial-cultural identity stripped from them. as the black people strut around and boogie in their walk ecstatic that they have one of their own as the new american boss __the frontline storm troopers of this anti-white cultural revolution will be of course those dumb as dirt white-trash guilted whites and their self hating shitbrain anti-white party bosses all of which are lead by of course (who else?) the masterjew overlords pulling all the strings just as they did in the russian communist-bolshevik revolution__it has become the hip and progressive thing for young liberal guilted white dumbfucks to dump their race and cultural identity and embrace anything but white, because it is taught within the guilted white world that they are evil and racist and the oppressors of the world and only when they free themselves from their evil white racist identity will the world come together and have peace__and don't think the white guilt disease has anything to do with i.q. measurement, most of the guilted white world in fact are the very cream of the intellectual white society__the mystery and magic of white guilt permeates even the most intelligent of whites for it is spiritual in nature and penetrates the heart of the white victim."

Despite the fact that intelligent people like to feel we've excised this cancer from our society, it seems it still lurks deep within the American cellular makeup. It's certainly not benign, one just hopes it's not malignant. Apparently, the race card might still be in the deck.