03/28/2008 02:48 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Ideal Bite Green Tip of The Week: Don't Flush Condoms

The Bite:

With the trash bin right there, you'll be less tempted to flush the condom. Throwing condoms in the trash when sexy-time's over is the better Biting option, since when flushed, last night's remains could end up ruining a perfectly good beach party.

The Benefits:

* Cleaner waterways. Flushed condoms can get by water treatment and end up on your favorite beach. In 2006, Ocean Conservancy beach cleaner-uppers picked up 30,252 condoms.
* Healthier sea creatures. Animals can mistake condoms for food.
* Clearer septic systems. Condoms can get stuck and hang out in your pipes for years, and even if they don't, H2O treatment workers have to fish them out of the water and send them to landfills anyway.

Personally Speaking:

We've found that adopting this tip helps us remember to take out the trash regularly.

Wanna Try?

* Um, put it in the garbage.