04/27/2013 02:51 pm ET Updated Jun 27, 2013

Baby Mugging: The Latest Instagram Craze

Mommy Shorts

Last week, I took a photo of my 5 month old baby inside a mug. Well, not inside a mug exactly. I just put Harlow on the floor, held a mug in front of the camera so that it completely blocked the lower half of her body and snapped a shot.

The result was what looked like a miniaturized baby actually hanging out in my morning cup of coffee.

Then I posted it on my blog Mommy Shorts, my facebook fanpage and on Instagram with simple "Baby Mugging" instructions:

1. Put your baby on the floor (or a flat surface).
2. Hold a mug in front of your baby.
3. Snap a photo and share it on the Mommy Shorts fanpage or use #babeinamug and tag @mommyshorts on Instagram.

The idea caught on quickly -- it's super easy and works for kids of all size -- and pretty soon my feed was full of hundreds of people posting #babeinamug pics. There are purists and variations. Successes and failures. Babies, toddlers, dogs and even a few full grown adults in the mix.

I've been posting the best versions here and have been making collages of my favorites as well. It seems like #babeinthemug shots just make people smile.

Do you want to take a picture of your baby in a mug? Please do! Tag @mommyshorts so I can share. Below are a few shots for inspiration.

Baby Mugging