07/10/2012 02:01 pm ET Updated Sep 09, 2012

The Bachelorette Recap: Suite, Suite Fantasy, Baby

This week on The Bachelorette, the skies are clear, the waters are calm, and we're down to the final three!

Before we go anywhere, Emily gives us a rundown of her feelings for the three remaining suitors:

Sean has so many qualities she wants to see in a husband, and the day he said he'd call Ricki his daughter was when she knew he was a keeper.

Jef marches to the beat of his own drum, and she loves that about him. He makes her laugh more than anyone, he's not afraid to show his quirkiness, and he would make the best husband and stepdad ever.

Sweet Arie, as Emily likes to call him, is just that -- sweet and attentive. He's also funny and youthful, and they are wildly attracted to each other. She got a bit teary-eyed when talking about Arie, saying she sees him as her best friend.

After a short commercial break, it's o nto date number one! In the first helicopter ride of this season (Kalon's entrance doesn't count), Sean and Emily fly out to the private island of Klein Curacao. He knows he has to put his heart on the line and tell Emily he loves her (if he does, in fact, love her).

After quizzing him about previous relationships, Emily basically tries to pull those three little words out of him. You can see the wheels turning in Sean's head, but, no dice, here, folks. After some awkward silence, Sean remembers they're going snorkeling and quickly changes the topic.

On the second portion of their date, Sean reads Em a letter he wrote to Ricki. It's a bit sappy for my liking, but sweet, nonetheless. Still no magic phrase yet, though, and Emily is getting slightly impatient. I find it amusing that she probably only wants him to say "I love you" because the other two guys have already said it. I wonder if she subconsciously wants them all to be on an even playing field.

Emily's wish finally comes true, and Sean chokes out an "I love you." She was "happy to hear that" and presented him with a fantasy suite card. I forgot about those! How scandalous!

I take it back -- not-so scandalous! Despite a steamy hot tub make-out session in the fantasy suite, Emily sends Sean back to his room because "she's a mom and wants to set a good example for her daughter." I am highly impressed.

With that, it's time for Jef's date! Emily couldn't picture herself with anyone else on the boat -- which I'm now realizing she says to every guy on every date. Good thing they're down to one-on-ones, or else that could get confusing...

Jef tells Emily his siblings loved her, and, if this works out, his parents would love to meet her. She happily agrees.

At dinner, Jef toasts to Emily and dives right into questions he wants to know about her. Their conversation is genuine, and he challenges her as opposed to just talking about how happy he is to be there. Jef wants to know why other relationships haven't worked out in the past and if he'd be a good fit for Ricki as a father. Emily says she sees him in the kitchen with her as she's making Ricki lunch... it's too bad Ryan got that soccer mom date early on!

When Emily pulls out the fantasy suite card, Jef takes the lead and turns her down. He respects her and knows that both their families are involved in this process and will be watching, and, if they end up together, they'll spend endless nights in their own fantasy suite together. Too. Cute. They end up hanging out in the suite for a little bit before Jef heads on out, back to his own room.

Arie can only think of proposing to Emily when it's time for his date. The two of them swim with the dolphins, and it's like they're the only two people in the world. They, too, have great conversation, and, in those moments where conversation ceases, they can't keep their hands off each other.

At dinner, Emily finally realizes she doesn't know what Arie does in the real world, aside from racing, so some talk about the future ensues. It's time to present the fantasy card -- but we're on Emily's season now, and Emily doesn't play by the rules. She doesn't trust herself to say no to the fantasy suite with Arie, so she doesn't even offer it to him. Amazing!

Now comes the hard part -- Emily is able to see a happy life with all three guys, and she's not ready to say goodbye yet. Before she has to choose, the guys are allowed a few minutes to win her over via a personalized video.

As this appears to be the hardest rose ceremony yet, Emily breaks down into tears, not wanting to be a heartbreaker, but also not wanting to make the wrong decision.

The first rose of the evening goes to Jef, and the second to Arie, leaving a very tan Sean to be escorted out by Emily. Few words were exchanged while they sat on the bench and talked; perhaps the most powerful, though, were "I'll miss you more than you'll ever know," to which I audibly sighed. With that, Sean made a graceful exit, sans ugly crying, declaring that he wants to love someone with every ounce of his being. I might know some people interested in that proposal, Sean...

Next week, the men tell all! This has to be a good episode -- what bad things could these guys possibly say about sweet, sweet Emily?! I can't believe we are down to the final two -- I am totally 50-50 right now! Who do you think she will choose?