08/05/2012 10:44 pm ET Updated Oct 05, 2012

Did a Culture of Insatiable Greed Turn an Entire Generation into 'Crooks?'

Many of my generation were born long before electricity had reached our rural areas and started our lives with many beautiful human values such as, self respect, respect for others, love and pride for family, religion, country, and taught to live within our means. Indeed very good values to build a truly better world to live.

Our forefathers were living within their means and they never thought of going into the frenzy of borrowings to have comfortable lives and let us pay the bill. They delivered to us economies debt-free or with minimal debts.

We continued our life's journey with very good foundations built on the values of our fathers and grandfathers and though life is not a stroll in the park for anyone, like previous generations before us, we faced adversities, global disputes, regional conflicts, political turmoil and financial problems.

As we advanced and started entering maturity in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, we took over the steering wheel, changed direction, abandoned our strong human values imbibed on us by our forefathers, drove the global economies to phenomenal disasters and together with our good values we threw them in the trash bin of history.

Pausing to take inventory and evaluate where we stand today, we can see the following terrifying results: Bankrupt economies in most societies of the world, Tattered human values, Severely damaged environment, Unbridled debilitating unemployment, Rapidly depleting natural resources, Deteriorating quality of life, Hate and intimidation by strong nations towards weaker ones by demanding compliance to their wishes etc and worse of all is our lack of courage to admit our mistakes and start imposing corrective measures.

In front of such scary existential realities, we cannot believe in the naïve realism that:
a ) More borrowing is the remedy to heavily indebted economies,
b) The Internet, Facebook and Twitter are appropriate tools to acquire human values,
c) Developing more destructive pesticides, chemical fertilizers and building more industries will repair the badly damaged environment,
d) Investment of large budgets for the improvement of technology, creation of more efficient robots to reduce labor cost etc are the antidote for the ever increasing unemployment,
e) The depleted Natural resources can be protected by massive explorations, development and production of minerals,
f) That quality of life will improve with industrialized food products, chemically produced agricultural products and flooded with chemical preservatives food staff.
g) Restoring harmonious and peaceful relations among nations can be achieved with the use of more threats and isolation.

Yet the greatest scandalous logic of our generation is the shameless sharing of multimillion dollars in bonuses by managers of multinational corporations, Wall Street executives plus the hundreds of millions dollars given to incompetent banking officers who are partly responsible for bringing the present financial mess on our planet. It gives the impression of thieves who steal and divide the loot among themselves while whole societies are financially tortured.

Lastly, we cannot have friendly and harmonious relations among societies when strong nations strive to submit into compliance weaker nations by using the recently invented ugly propaganda of demonizing a society with intent to create havoc and prepare the ground for eventual physical attacks.

Obviously I am not dreaming of a faultless perfect world because we are not immune to human errors. All the above are the end result of our present and past errors which certainly we cannot erase but I am certain that we can draw the lines and re-write our future.

Logic and common sense tells us that when someone due to wrong choices goes bankrupt in business and runs out of resources, he makes adjustments and forgoes luxuries and comfortable life.

Based on what logic financial experts prescribe more borrowings as remedy to bankrupt economies? Today we cannot service the existing smaller debt, how on the world we will service larger debt tomorrow? If that remedy is so good, why do allow business establishments go bankrupt and do not lend them more money to keep operating and continue giving jobs to their employees?

Undoubtedly this is a wrong logic and contrary to what we were taught to believe.

We have never asked our children and grandchildren if they are willing to pay for our luxuries and we must be ashamed of delivering to them a country with huge debts, massive unemployment with severely damaged human values.

Bad as it may look, the entire mess is a creation of our generation attributed to our errors, associated with incompetence, mismanagement, lack of vision and it is we, the same generation that we must start changing course, reunite with logic to correct our mistakes and repair some of the damages.

As this generation is approaching the exit from its tour of life, before passing the torch to the next generation let us be reminded of the words dignity, pride, integrity, responsibility and let us use our wisdom of maturity, apologize to the next generation and provide some genuine solutions to the problems we created. It is imperative that we start now to right the wrongs and salvage ourselves from the risk of history judging us "The Generation of Crooks."

We will fully deserve that title because we were given a beautiful world with debt free societies, rich in human values, clean environment,huge reserves of natural resources and in record short time we will be turning over to the next generation a total wreck

Locked doors have their own key to be unlocked. Each problem too has its own solution and we must look for it.

It is also our generation who originated the New World Order which despite the relentless efforts to propagate it, is leading towards failure simply because culture, traditions and civilizations are not imposed by few but adopted by the free will of the masses.

While the challenge is still in front of us, let's grab it and try to fulfill even part of our original dream by contributing to make a better world for us and our children to live