06/29/2015 03:23 pm ET Updated Aug 20, 2016

Olympia Auset at The Shine: Review

Last week I attended an awesome event called "The Shine" and was blown away by the community created by my old friend and fellow meditation teacher Light Watkins. For $25 there was a delicious communal meal from Beaming Cafes and then an inspirational variety show comprised of live musical performances, short films, comedy, and finally an amazing video of the winner of last month's Shine Challenge, which takes the proceeds of the evening and gives them to one person who then has to give away that money in an eclectic manner. 24 year-old LA native Olympia Auset won the contest last month and here's the video she made of the challenge:

The Shine Challenge: Three Gifts from The Light Launch.

Olympia told me, "In viewing issues that grip humanity it is so common to yearn for large things to solve them such as getting bills passed and founding non-profit organizations that we often overlook the simple, yet incredible ways we can solve each other's problems every day."

Olympia intends to create media that continously inspires people towards the highest versions of themselves.  For more information on her work please visit