05/19/2015 02:45 pm ET Updated May 19, 2016

A Message to Congress and State Legislatures: Stop Your War on Women!

Since time began, men have attempted to control women. Just when people begin to think we might achieve equity and fair treatment, corrupt elected officials pass laws that allow the government to control women's reproductive organs.

Ever hear of a law giving the government control of men's reproductive organs?

When the U.S. was established, men gave themselves full rights including the vote. It took 143 years for women to gain that right. We have fought for more than 90 years to gain equal rights.

How long must we wait?

A small, well-funded group calling themselves "conservative Christians" fights against women's equality. They are backed by moneyed people who stand to profit from inequality.

America has existed for 239 years...and more than half its population still doesn't have equal rights. a land that promises EQUITY FOR ALL!

Lacking ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, women's fate is controlled by the whims of men who control our government.

We must ratify the ERA! Thirty-five states have ratified...we only lack three. To do this, Congress must remove the time limit the 1972 Congress placed on ratification.

Strong, fair-minded people are supporting Senate Joint Resolution 14 and House Joint Resolution 51 to remove the time limit. You can join the fight to free women!.

I urge readers to contact elected officials. Demand that they support these bills!


Join me as I share highlights of women's fight for equity. Then I'll share some evil things our government is doing.

Women have always done more than their share.

Long ago people worshiped the Goddess and women were revered. Once in a while a woman swelled up...and created life! As the "givers of life" women were treated with great respect and honor.

As people domesticated animals, they learned that it took two to create life. Men provided the sperm...and women provided everything else.

Most women are happy to create families and nurture them. But life is not all goodness and light...and some men harm women for their own pleasure or for financial gain.

In ancient days, those in power who could gain from manipulating people killed the Goddess in myth and replaced Her with a Male God who favored men. In order to convert Goddess worshipers, a spiritual woman, Mary, was offered.

Male-superiority culture developed.

Why do some men refuse to share equal rights with women? Do they forget who gave women their reproductive organs...and Her or His intention? Or do they only pretend to care about God's plan?

Goddess worshipers celebrated sexuality, but men in control of the new Christianity limited it. In 1139, after more than a thousand years of married-priests' serving church members, the Catholic Church made a new rule. Priests must be single and celibate. It was just too bad about those who were married.

Many years after the death of Christ, men who wrote-down the scriptures remembered and recorded stories colored-by their culture's male-superiority words and experiences.

Yet women were the mainstay of Jesus' early church. The recorded teachings of Jesus are equitable for both genders.

In some fundamentalist churches, stories which glorify men are taught while those which glorify women are not. "The obedient woman" is pushed as the-only-model-for-women. Many ignore women-leaders and nonconformists who "found favor in God's eyes." Yet examples abound:

• Deborah the wise judge who led her people
• Abigail who disobeyed her husband, fed King David's soldiers, and saved the lives of her family
• Esther who disobeyed her husband and did what was best for her people
• Huldah, the wise one who instructed the Israelites in their duties

During one 300-year period, a coalition of church-and-state massacred hundreds of thousands--maybe millions--of innocent women for the nonexistent "crime" of witchcraft. Men who dared to defend them and gay men were also burned at the stake in public squares. In some villages only two or three women survived.

They could not kill all women or humans would become extinct. And workers who could be exploited were getting scarce. So the killings stopped.

I found three key reasons for the murders. No doubt there are more.

1. Women were healers and they helped women prevent too many births. Peasant families tried to limit their children so they could have some quality of life. This provided the "gentry"--their 1%--fewer workers to exploit.

2. Men wanted to take over the healing vocation. Why not apprentice themselves to a successful healer? Why not share? During the transition if a male-healer made a drastic mistake which ended in death, he blamed it on a woman. "That witch over there killed your child!" The innocent woman was punished and the man went free.

3. Despite laws to keep women from owning property--some inherited property and titles. These women needed to be disposed men could own the property and titles. Pure greed!

It was the 19th century before American women could get legal custody of their own children.

Over time many died in childbirth and from crude birth control methods. But today we have the means and the right to control the number of children we choose to have. And the right to choose to have none. The Supreme Court assured American women of this right in 1973 with its Roe v. Wade decision.


Yet some corrupt officials want to destroy this right. What do these officials' whims decree?

State legislatures pass laws against women's rights. This phenomenon is called the "War on Women." Look on the Internet. You'll be outraged.

This week the U.S. House passed another anti-choice/anti-abortion law.

A nation that presents itself as an example of fair and equal democracy--yet discriminates against half its citizens--is not a true democracy.

Are the majority of our congressional members already working for corporations and the 1%? Does Congress want to force so many -births that people will have to work for pennies and starve as they did during the Robber Baron days?

The attempt to demonize women's right to choose is evil. It must not be allowed!

What is behind officials' drive to control women? Greed? Power? Fear of women?

When evil elected-officials hide behind a fake curtain of "Christianity" or "religion," they need someone to snatch open the curtain and reveal their craven activity.

Today I am that person.