05/17/2014 07:32 pm ET Updated Jul 17, 2014

A Night In Old Mexico Showcases Robert Duvall's Amazing Talent

If you are a Robert Duvall fan, and who isn't, then you will want to check out his latest movie A Night In Old Mexico. This is a film that exists just to showcase Duvall's talent. For some that will be enough to make it a passable film. He has been around a while and has honed his craft so that he now does not act out a part, he inhabits it.

In this movie he plays Red, a cantankerous old coot who feels God has betrayed him by his string of bad luck. The latest offense is having to get off of his land due to a bank loan he can't pay. He hates the thought of living in a trailer park, cooped up and smothering. He had rather die so he takes out his pistol and takes steps to end his life.

At this moment a young guy named Gally (Jeremy Irvine) shows up at his place claiming to be his grandson. It takes a while but eventually Red is convinced and even offers to take Gally with him on a last trip to Mexico. There they will have one last wild night.

As the film progresses the two get involved with a singer/stripper named Patty Wafers (Angie Cepeda), and also a drug deal gone bad. This latter deal puts a fortune in their hands but also causes some very bad people to be on their trail.

The movie has some outrageous moments that could never be taken seriously, but they largely are just means by which we see Duvall build his character. The audience is taken in by Red's need for one last chance for love and redemption.

Gally is a perfect companion for Red's adventures. Irvine gives him a naiveté that is totally charming. He grows under Red's tutelage just as Irvine grows under Duvall's. Duvall's amazing talent enhances Irvine's.

This is not the case with Cepeda. Her character is not well written and Cepeda's performance is never believable. She seems false from beginning to end and that hampers the enjoyment of the story. Patty is supposed to be someone the audience cares about and she never reaches that goal. Even in her scenes with Duvall she still comes across as someone playing a part.

The movie is not rated but would fall in the "R" range due to the violence and profanity in the film.

Duvall is still at the top of his game and he makes the most of his role. For many that will be enough. But those looking for other elements such as story, believability, and good supporting actors; they will be disappointed.

I scored A Night in Old Mexico a visited 5 out of 10.

-- Jackie K. Cooper