10/01/2011 11:46 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Courageous : A Faith-Based Film That Entertains (Video)

Jackie K. Cooper Show - Interview with the Kendrick Brothers from Cooper Productions on Vimeo.

In Albany, Georgia there is a church called Sherwood Baptist. On staff as Assistant Pastors at this church are Stephen and Alex Kendrick, two brothers who had a vision of their church making faith based movies. Their first effort was Flywheel, followed by Facing the Giants and then Fireproof. Now they have Courageous, a movie that speaks to fatherhood and commitment while at the same time being entertaining and involving from start to finish.

Courageous concerns four police officers on the Albany Police Force. They are Adam Mitchell (Alex Kendrick), Nathan Hayes (Ken Bevel), Shane Fuller (Kevin Downes) and David Thompson (Ben Davies). They are all supportive of each other and each man has a child or children in his life. When tragedy strikes one of the men, the other three rush to his side. Out of this tragedy is born a new commitment, not to be just a "good enough" father but to be the best father possible.

The story of each of these men is revealed as their lives relate and interrelate to each other. They are also joined by Javier Martinez (Robert Amaya), a man who comes into their lives either by accident or by divine providence. Once there he becomes an integral part of the group.

The movie has it all. There are moments of great joy, great despair, great humor and great harmony. This is a film that is profound in many ways but is not preachy. Best of all it never forgets to entertain. The religion that is included in the film comes from the lives of the men. They are all Christians of one degree or another and this fact is presented as part of their story. It is as much a part of them as whether or not they are tall or short, thin or fat.

Alex Kendrick is the star of the movie and he directed it as well. He is very effective in the role of Adam, delivering a fierce portrait of a man on a mission to do better. Also outstanding is Amaya who brings subtle humor to his role. Opposite him Angelita Nelson is a standout as his wife. These two have a warm chemistry and camaraderie that draws you to them on screen.

The script by Alex and Stephen Kendrick is powerful. There are certain sentences and phrases that resonate with the audience. Long after you leave the theater you will remember the words that were said.

The movie is rated PG-13 for violence and drug references.

Courageous isn't just for Christians. It is for anyone who loves a good story full of emotion, humor and drama. This film has it all and delivers every aspect of the story in a tremendously entertaining fashion.

I scored "Courageous a brave 8 out of 10.