07/13/2013 10:41 pm ET Updated Sep 12, 2013

"Covert Affairs" Is Good But Not As Good As the Great "Suits"

TV Review Jackie K Cooper
"Suits/Covert Affairs" (The USA Network)

"Suits" is back for its summer run and that is cause for celebration. This series about a high powered New York law firm is terrifically entertaining and is one of cable's biggest hits. It came from out of nowhere and has the best cast you have never heard of, or at least they weren't well known when the series started. Gina Torres, who plays one of the senior partners at the firm, did carry over some of her fame from being on the cult hit "Firefly."

The two main stars of the series are Gabriel Macht, who plays crackerjack attorney Harvey Spector, and Patrick J. Adams, who plays Harvey's protégée' Mike Ross. The relationship between these two men has been at the heart of the series since the beginning. Harvey is calm, cool and collected while Mike is more of hothead. But both men are brilliant and know the law. Harvey is a bona fide attorney while Mike never graduated from Harvard Law which is a claim he has made and made often. You have to watch the series to see how that is a major point of contention.

The show is all about relationships, and not just Harvey and Mike's. There are also the sparks between Harvey and his Executive Assistant Donna (Sarah Rafferty). Is it a romance or just a case of mutual respect? It changes from day to day or at least show to show. Not so the relationship between Mike and Rachel (Meghan Markle), one of the paralegals at the firm. Their relationship really heats up this year.

Rick Hoffman, who plays attorney Louis Litt, is another major contributor to the show. Louis is the guy you love to hate, but not when he is being picked on by someone outside the firm. Then the audience gets defensive about Louis and wants him protected.

This show is a combination of good writing and good acting. It certainly helps the show is perfectly cast, down to the smallest roles. Solid actresses such as Abigail Spencer, Rachel Harris and Jacinda Barrett have made appearances from time to time and have enhanced the image of the show.

Does the show sound perfect? Well it almost is. Each season it gets better and each week it gets better. As we learn more and more about these characters we are fascinated by them, and as the weeks progress the plot gets more involved and more ingenuous.

Suits" airs on Tuesday nights this year, at 10PM on the USA Network. Mark this one down as a must see.

The show that precedes "Suits" on Tuesday nights at 9 on the USA Network is "Covert Affairs." This show was dragging a couple of seasons ago but at the end of last year it picked up speed and this year it is operating on all burners. Piper Perabo is still bringing the character of Annie Walker to life and she now has the character down pat. Plus she is involved in a love affair with her CIA co-worker Auggie Anderson (Christopher Gorham) and viewers of the show from the start have been hoping for that to take place.

"Covert Affairs" has a continuing storyline going so everything is not wrapped up by the end of each episode. This keeps the audience tuning in for more adventures and more character development.

This show is not as good as "Suits" but it is good. And if you have "Suits" coming on next you might as well make a night of it with the USA Network. You certainly won't feel you have wasted your time watching this show.

Piper Perabo and company are good at keeping the intrigue and the romance going so make sure you mark this show down to watch. But if it comes to a choice between this show and "Suits" make sure you chose "Suits."

Jackie K Cooper