09/05/2013 09:27 pm ET Updated Nov 05, 2013

Henstridge and Rutherford Star In "A Sister's Nightmare"

TV Review Jackie K Cooper
"A Sister's Nightmare" (Lifetime Movie Network)

Kelly Rutherford and Natasha Henstridge co-star in the new Lifetime Movie Network original film "A Sister's Nightmare." These two talented actresses play sisters who share a secret between them. The movie is good just because of the casting, but script wise it leaves a lot to be desired. Still getting a chance to see these two square off against each other makes for enjoyable entertainment.

The story starts with Cassidy (Henstridge) getting out of a mental hospital after fifteen or so years. She heads to the town where her sister Jane (Rutherford) works for the police department. Rather than calling ahead Cassidy just appears at the doorstep of the house where Jane lives with her boyfriend Phil (Matthew Settle) and her fifteen year old daughter Emily (Peyton List).

Phil and Emily have been told by Jane that Cassidy is dead so her appearance is quite a surprise. Still Jane allows Cassidy to move in for a few days while she gets settled. This proves to be unsettling for Jane since she and Cassidy have a mutual distrust of each other. It seems the sisters have issues from their past that have never been resolved.

The fun of the film is in determining how sick Cassidy really is and how much of a threat she is to Jane and her family. As played by Henstridge the audience is constantly off balance as to who she really is and what she wants. It is an old plot gimmick but it still works for most of this film.

Henstridge has been around awhile. She first made herself known as the deadly alien in the film "Species." That role caught the eye of audiences and led her to several other popular movies. Now she mainly does TV roles but she still has a special quality in her look and in her talent.

Rutherford is also mainly a TV actress. She has been in some long running series and has honed her craft in that way. She is one of those actresses who can covey strength and vulnerability in equal amounts.

The film is a tight thriller to the very end when it all just falls apart in a rush to just wrap everything up. The momentum dies as does any interests in the characters. Still for three fourths of the film the audience is engaged in the story.

Even with the botched ending it is still fun to see two good actresses such as Henstridge and Rutherford have a chance to emote with gusto. So for that reason alone you might want to tune into the Lifetime Movie Network on Saturday, September 7 at 8Pm to watch "A Sister's Nightmare".

Jackie K Cooper