04/05/2011 10:40 am ET Updated Jun 05, 2011

Showtime Offers Voyeuristic Programming

Showtime now offers two sexy, shocking series for their viewers. Coming back for its final season is Secret Diary of a Call Girl, and starting its run is Gigolos. Both of these shows focus on one form of prostitution or another. Diary is a fictional story about a call girl in London while Gigolos focuses on actual men for hire in Las Vegas.

Diary centers on Hannah (Billie Piper), who goes by the name of "Belle" when she is in her "escort" mode. Hannah has a boyfriend named Ben (Iddo Goldberg) who knows all about her other life and thinks he is OK with it. Whether or not he is remains to be seen.

Hannah herself is conflicted. She doesn't know if she wants to put her "other world" behind her or move on to bigger and better things in that life. She loves Ben but she also loves the money and the excitement of being a call girl. This season she even gets a chance to take over the full reigns of the escort service and that opens up new vistas for her.

Gigolos is just about the sex. This is a reality series that takes a look at five men who play for pay. They also have lives outside their jobs and that is where the series gets interesting. These four men have decided it is fine to get paid to have sex with women (no gay involvement here) and have a good life because of it.

Gigolos is a little more depressing than Diary because in this series the people are real. We get to see the men selling their bodies for money and then trying to create an illusion of caring for the women involved. Some of the women seen in the early episodes are (1) older (2) overweight (3) dominatrix (4) part of an effort to excite their husbands/partners.

Because it is real and very explicit the shows in this series are not for everyone. It is basically for the voyeuristic and that is all. Anyone else will probably feel a little squeamish in the viewing process.

Diary is basically a fantasy and mildly discreet in its scenes. There is not as much explicitness in the nudity or sexual acts. Gigolos lets you see it all. It is graphic and provocative.

If these type pf shows appeal to you then you will want to tune into SHOWTIME on Thursday, April 7 for the kickoffs of Secret Diary of a Call Girl at 10:30PM. It is followed by the premiere of Gigolos at 11:00.