08/09/2013 06:26 pm ET Updated Oct 09, 2013

The Eagerly Awaited Return of Face Off

Face Off the special effects/makeup artists competition, starts its fifth season on the Syfy Channel this month. This show has not gotten the publicity of other reality shows but its core of followers is numerous and dedicated. They watch and analyze each and every episode of this series and that has kept it coming back for season after season.

This year the show has an added twist. Instead of bringing on a group of totally "new" contestants, this year there are going to be eight "newbies" facing off with eight "veterans" of past shows. Will this be fair since the vets already know how the show works and what appeals to the judges? We will have to watch and see. The new group however doesn't seem daunted in the face of the competition.

It is great to see the same faces among the panel of judges. Ve Neill, Glenn Hetrick and Neville Page are the three regulars and Patrick Tatopoulos will make some guest appearances during the run of the show. There will also be some special judges such as Catherine "Twilight" Hardwicke. She gets into the fun of the first show when she judges a special challenge for the artists.

Each week the artists will get one or two challenges to create a special look or a special character. Sometimes they will work individually and at other times they will work in teams. The team concept is the most risky as you are dealing with some temperamental artists who don't always play well with others. Still when they are at odds is when the show becomes the most realistic.

Acting as host is Mckenzie Westmore of the famous Westmore family. She keeps the show moving and the challenges coming. At certain times she brings her father Michael on the show as a guest advisor. Michael Westmore is legendary in Hollywood and his name gives this show clout.

There are a zillion reality shows on television these days. Many of them showcase a special talent and have a competition element to them. Still, there is something about "Face Off" which is unique. I find it to be the talent the contestants exhibit that is very impressive. There is also the element of getting to know the person behind the talent which provides an added familiarity aspect to the show.

So Face Off is back and we are all the better for it. Starting August 10 at 9PM on Syfy you will all have a chance to see the competition begin. I don't know about you but I can't wait.
Jackie K Cooper