10/30/2014 04:05 pm ET Updated Dec 30, 2014

I Finally Understand Why They Call That Store 'Forever 21'

As my 22nd birthday steadily approaches, I can't help but think, I finally understand why they call that store with the heavy handed photo shopper 'Forever 21.' Not that I spent my 21st year on this earth Photoshopping my kneecaps. No. Even though, tbh, I did once use a skinny app. But that was just once and it didn't even look good and I promise I never did it again. But, I digress. This isn't about that. This is about how being 21 is just so incredible! So liberating! You want to feel this way forever. Hence, Forever 21.

Once you turn 21, the world really is your oyster. You can go to any booze-filled establishment without the looming worry of "will I get in?" You can order a drink at a fancy restaurant without silently praying that you won't get carded. You can go to a bar by yourself in the light of day without worrying that the sunlight will expose the fact that you have green eyes, though your ID says they're brown. You can ditch that friend of yours who you're only friends with because she looks 35 and her identical-looking older sister gave her a foolproof ID to use. You don't need her anymore. You don't need anyone! It's just you and the party. The party and you. No middleman (or doorman who your sister's friend's older brother went to college with) necessary. Party, party, party. You can even use "party" as a verb now because you're 21 and it's legal!

No more of this

Or this

Or sneaking around like THIS!

Hi Marissa Cooper, I miss you.

Turning 21 means the promise of so many things. It means going where you want to go, when you want to go and with whom you want to go. (It means using whom correctly in a sentence!)

It Means This

And This

And A Little Bit Of This

And A Whole Lot Of This

Basically, 21 is as amazing as everyone say it is. Do they even say it's amazing? Well, if they don't, I am saying it now: 21 is freaking amazeballs! Go ahead, quote me.

And yes, I know I can do the same things at 22 that I did at 21, but I think the novelty will have worn off. And that's probably for the best. So here's to 22.

Oh, and if anyone dares to post that Taylor Swift song on my Facebook wall... *unfriend* on the immediate.

Here's to embracing 22 (and probably dancing to that Taylor Swift song because even the most complex of b*tches have the tendency to be basic)!