12/19/2012 04:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

26 Acts, Three Days of Love Unify to Change the World

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"Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars... Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that." This sentiment by Martin Luther King, Jr. is once again echoing around the world. One of the most tragic events in recent history has turned into an outpouring of love and kindness, a local gone national soon to be global phenomena is transpiring before our eyes!

For the last few weeks I have been covering a different emerging cultural movement called Unify and Three Days of Love, which are positive responses to the many doomsday predictions of December 21, 2012 at the end of The Mayan Calendar. When the tragedies occurred all of us were heartbroken, and I couldn't help but wonder how one horrible act from one person could overshadow the beautiful work of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. Then we watched on NBC's Today Show as the brave families who lost children stepped up and reminded us "[t]o be better, more compassionate and humble people," as Robert Parker, father to Emilie Parker, stated. Ann Curry tweeted, inviting everyone to respond with 26 acts of kindness to honor the children at Sandy Hook and a viral avalanche began.

It has become obvious that these apparently different movements have a whole lot in common, both are positive responses to violence and fear that call for healing, unity and kindness.

Violence toward the weak and innocent is hurting our global community. Whether it is a larger country acting violent towards a smaller country, a giant corporation destroying local environments during the extraction of resources, bullying, rape or mass shootings, it is the same thing and people all over the world are converging from every direction to call for change.

Renowned musician Carlos Santana stepped up with these words of wisdom right after the shootings: "Shaping culture starts with how we educate our youth on how to place value on community & our place in Mother Nature."

As I mentioned in my previous post, "Artists Bring Healing After Recent Tragedy," we humans have an unprecedented ability to change our culture and that inspiration is usually led by the artists and visionaries. Not satisfied with doomsday predictions of 2012, thousands of individuals and organizations began creating events for the weekend of December 21-23. Most of them were not aware of the others when they started, they just wanted to make something beautiful happen in response to so much fear about "The End of The World." To create a new beginning, to envision the future, a world where we combat darkness with love, creativity, and kindness.

Gandhi said, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world," and now it looks as though this idea is catching on. In response to the shootings, a wave of kindness is rolling across the land. In response to "End of The World" fears, people in over 1,000 cities all over the planet are participating in a globally synchronized moment of prayer and meditation for peace this Friday. In response to the recent fighting in the Middle East, Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders are taking to the streets to Unify Jerusalem. In response to the broken hearts of the world, Three Days of Love has joined with Unify, including many of the worlds most famous celebrities, to paint beauty and healing all over the world. We all know in our hearts that the darkness of humanity is small compared to the power of love within us, yet we rarely stand together across communities, nations, religions, and cultures to express this power as a unified people.

We have the ability to be a global force of nature, synchronized to BE the change we wish to see in the world. Never before have we had this technology, never before could we spread information, ideas, inspiration so quickly around the world, never has there been a better time than right NOW.

Let us all respond with love and kindness in honor of the children in Connecticut and everywhere that have fallen victim to violence. We are One Human Family despite our differences, we grieve with the same tears and laugh with the same open hearts.

Team Unify along with Adil Kassam, Elizabeth Ray, and Culture Collective have put together an amazing video that sums up all of these ideas called "Unify Through The Ages".

Please watch it, share it and join in wherever you are for the global moment of silent prayer/meditation on Friday. If you are coming at this from #26acts of kindness, #3daysoflove, #unify or Peace 2012, then be sure to include all three tags in your tweet. This way everyone gets to see the beautiful expressions converging with a unified statement to end violence and hatred, bringing healing to our planet, our communities, and ALL children. Together we can do this!

*If you are having trouble watching this video, there is another version available here.

Unify 2 from Unify Media on Vimeo.