03/16/2012 09:26 am ET Updated May 16, 2012

1/6 of the Way There

This is part of our monthly series 'Mission: Accepted,' in partnership with Minds Matter, which chronicles the lives of three students as they apply for college in their senior year.

"The admissions office at Lesley University loves that you've done consistently well in school; we love that you're on the debate team, in Student's Taking Charge, write for The Huffington Post; we love that you're in Minds Matter and that you spent your summers at Phillips Exeter Academy and Brown University. We are happy to accept you into the Class of 2016 at Lesley University. Congratulations!" I almost dropped my phone -- yes, seniors, keep your cells close by in the next few weeks; a college just might call you with some awesome news! I didn't know what to say at first, but then all that came to mind was, "Oh. My. Gosh. Thank you so much! This is amazing! I'm so excited!" I really was. I mean, Lesley wasn't at the top of my list or anything, but it was great to finally be acknowledged for all the hard work I've put into school and extracurriculars these past few years by a college I chose to apply to -- especially one with a great education program that I'm interested in. After my phone call with the admissions lady from Lesley, I immediately called my parents, emailed my mentors and guidance counselors, and texted all my friends. I was ecstatic! And even though the waiting wasn't completely over, Lesley distracted me a little bit and eased my anticipation of April 1.

I literally walked by my second acceptance letter. I was upstairs in my room when my mom came in and asked if I had checked the mail that day. I said no, and she said, "So... You didn't see... This?!" and pulled out a large envelope that read, in big letters on the front, "Welcome. You've been admitted to DePaul." My mouth dropped and I was grinning like crazy! DePaul University. The school I just so happened to visit because my mentor recommended it (thanks, Josh!). The school I "accidentally" fell in love with. No way. This wasn't happening. But it was!! And on top of that, a month or so before my acceptance to DePaul, an admissions counselor from the school emailed me to let me know she had read my Huffington Post blog and said it was wonderfully written. It felt great to be recognized from miles and miles away by a school that caught my attention all the way in Chicago. Saying that I was stoked is an understatement.

About a month and a half ago, my guidance counselor told me I had been nominated for Northeastern University's Boston Public High School scholarship -- it includes full tuition and room and board. Then a few weeks ago, I found out I was selected from more than 90 Boston public school students to interview at Northeastern for the scholarship (which was a great achievement in my book to begin with). As I sat in a room with about 12 other students, including my good friend Leroy (who twisted my hair up into a very nice interview-appropriate style), an admissions counselor came in to talk with us. Her words were as followed: "At Northeastern, we're looking for students who have shown great leadership skills, community service, and a dedication to academics. That's why we were very selective about choosing all of you from the pool of students who were nominated for this scholarship. And that's why, regardless of this scholarship, all of you have been admitted into Northeastern University!" We all started clapping and she said, "Now let's hope that relaxed your nerves about this interview a little bit!" When they called my name, my nerves had settled, and all I could think about was the surprise at being accepted to such a great school and the options I had at the moment for where I wanted to go next fall -- even without the other 15 schools I was still waiting to hear back from.

Waiting suddenly isn't too bad. Okay, who am I kidding? It's terrible! But you know what? Surprises will come up along the way. And maybe they won't be what I was hoping for. Or maybe they'll be exactly what I've been dreaming of. Either way, waiting is a part of the rules. To be honest, I'm scared for mid-April to come, to be in the process of actually deciding my own future and where my new second home will be. It's pretty intimidating. But with my three acceptances, I'm happy to say I have achieved one-sixth of my mission so far and am that much closer to the real nitty-gritty decision-making.