11/15/2005 12:56 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Dodgers Need to Do Something, and Fast

It's already the end of the General Manager meetings and the Dodgers have done nothing to improve their situation. I heard some rumors that they were going after Brian Giles. Which is fantastic, but he probably wouldn't sign with a team that's going in the wrong direction. Especially when they don't have a General Manager, a field manager, or any specialized coaches. I think now that I've thought about it, Giles would be a great asset to the Dodgers because of his run production and he was fourth in the league with a .413 on base percentage. Although, Giles would not be the answer to all the Dodger problems. If the Dodgers did end up getting Giles, then it would only be complete if they traded for a guy like Jim Thome or went after Paul Konerko. Also they need a leadoff hitter, so it would be smart to get Rafael Furcal, who stole 46 bases last year. They can easily get speed from their farm system if Willy Aybar could turn into something. Also now that I re-think the whole Nomar thing, he would be great to jump-start the offense at the top of the order batting second and playing third base. The only problem like I said before is his age and his durability. He hit .283, with 9 homeruns and 30 RBIs, but he only played 62 games.

Jim Thome is not a free agent so the Dodgers would have to make a blockbuster trade. Maybe if they traded infielder Antonio Perez, pitchers Edwin Jackson and Chad Billingsley that would be good. Or if that doesn't work then maybe they should go after Adam Dunn. And if possible they should resign Jeff Weaver.

The Dodger GM search is crucial. It is taking too long to find someone decent. They should make a push for Theo Epstein. They will probably end up just picking assistant GM Kim Ng. I really like Kim Ng because she knows the Dodgers inside and out. She has worked with the Yankees and the Dodgers, so she has experience. She has never held the GM position, but I think it would be cool for her to make her female debut as GM. But as Tim Brown said in the Los Angeles Times Sport Section, because of the Dodgers' current situation, if the Dodgers don't succeed when she is at the helm, it would be her head in the end and it will be very hard for her to get another job like that.

Once the Dodgers get a Gm, they're going to need a field manager. 

As you probably know, Bobby Valentine is reportedly staying in Japan so there are not many Managers still out there. I think Orel Hersheiser would be a good fit.  He's smart, he knows baseball, and is a Dodger icon. What's wrong with that? That's all I have to say.