05/30/2007 10:36 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Ben Affleck Gets It Right

You often hear that the Democrats are nothing more than a Sodom And Gomorrah Hollywood Party of Miscreants. The right loves to wave the Hollywood liberal flag at the Democrats.

Four quick points before I move on.

Ronald Reagan, Actor, Republican.

Sonny Bono, Entertainer, Republican.

Arnold, Actor, Republican.

Fred Thompson, Actor, Republican.

Maybe that will shut them up, I kid. But one thing I like about Hollywood is that is the ultimate Democratization of business. Everyone at the top is there because of talent and intelligence.

So who has the clearest review of the Democrats? My fellow Bostonian, Ben Affleck, from The Boston Herald.

"These (bleeping) people," he said. "This is the (bleeping) problem with that. Democrats live in fear of basically being called cowards," he said.

Affleck surmised that the Demmies were afraid to demand timelines for troop withdrawal from Iraq in the spending bill because the president would slam them while they were away for the Memorial Day weekend.

"While they were on vacation they were afraid of being criticized," he said. "So . . . they sacrificed their core political beliefs. And they wonder why people call them (bleeping) weak."

That is exactly how I feel.