01/29/2008 11:41 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Rudy Giuliani: A Failure On 9/11 and A Failure Now

Never in the history of American politics has someone as so fundamentally, personally, morally and ethically flawed as Rudy Giuliani attempted to run for the White House.

And hats off to everyone who helped deflate the bubble that was the Giuliani campaign, from the firefighters to the film producers to the bloggers, everyone who chipped away at the veneer of credibility only to expose the arrogant incompetence that rages within Giuliani.

How could Republicans vote for a man who annulled his marriage to his cousin on the grounds that he thought she was his third cousin not second cousin?

How could Republicans vote for a man that announced his divorce to a second wife at a news conference?

And then there's the third wife, and a tiara, and a security detail.

And there's Bernie Kerik, and the unsavory clients at Giuliani partners, and the $100,000 speaking fees for charitable events.

But above all, today is a victory for all those who suffered loss on 9/11. This is a victory for the truth about 9/11 and the truth hasn't had many victories from that day.

On 9/11, New York firefighters died because of Rudy Giuliani's incompetence. They died because they didn't have radios that worked. They died because Rudy Giuliani built the Command and Control Center, against the expert's advice, in World Trade Center Building Number Seven.

You're in charge of building mission control for New York City and you build it in the shadow of the only building attacked in the mainland United States by foreign terrorists -- the 1993 World Trade Center attack.

Rudy on 9/11 was running around facing cameras because his command center was destroyed.

After 9/11, Rudy Giuliani fought AGAINST the 9/11 Commission, another shocking move of hypocrisy and arrogance. He knew the Commission would find fault with his leadership and they did.

Remarkably, Rudy Giuliani was supposed to be on that Commission, but his speaking engagements and money-grubbing got in the way.

Giuliani kept going, fleecing countries and corporations of of millions of dollars through Giuliani Partners. He raised tens of millions of dollars from those easily parted from their money.

I never worried about Rudy Giuliani winning, not for one single second. In fact, months ago, I declared him dead and buried -- even my friend Chris Bowers thought I had early called it.

Because even in a country where so often, our media fails to call black black and white white,

in a country where so many don't vote and don't pay attention,

in a political system where legends are created out of frauds,

I knew that once a touch of light was shined on Giuliani, the light would destroy him.

And it did.

Rest in hell Rudy -- but at least you'll be there with all your friends.