09/23/2013 07:00 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Five Inspirational Haikus for Fall


It's the time of the season. Change is in the air. But do not be afraid. For change is opportunity itself, opening up like a lotus flower or some other strained metaphor that helps indicate renewal.

Did I say inspirational? Well, not exactly. Let these delightful haiku poems guide you into the latest cycle of growth and self-improvement as ushered in by the fall equinox..


The air is now crisp

I am still at the same job

End it all? Not yet.


Soon, pumpkin carving

Jeez, it gets dark at, like, four

Depressed? Not me, dude.


Leaves have hit the ground

Dead now, like my troubled mind

What?...What? I'm fine, man.


Before fall is through:

Thanksgiving; family! Oh

I came from these freaks.


Evening, cold wind

A sweater worn once again

End it all? Not yet.

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