04/22/2014 10:34 am ET Updated Jun 22, 2014

Happy Mother Earth Day?


Would you do this to your own mother?

Would you starve her, ravage her, drill her, strip her, pollute her, poison her, frack her, crowd her, pave her, drain her, extract her, constrain her, imprison her?

We call her our Mother earth for a reason.

She is the source. The only source; and once we deplete the source we can never get her back.

Read a little. Watch and listen.

In our house we are watching Cosmos as well as The Dust Bowl, Ken Burn's and Dayton Duncan's brilliant three-part series on the greatest ecological disaster in this country that I, naively, thought was a dusty drought.

It was man-made, because of our attention to profits over planning.

It was somewhat reclaimed, thanks to FDR, and yet it is prophesied that the seeming stability the center of our great land now feels is borrowed time, draining the aquifers and slowly sipping and siphoning away the water we will need to sustain it and us.

Water. Ahhhh water. Read Cadillac Desert. Read Dirt. Watch the documentary Dirt.

We are deluded with our dumb phones. We are so falsely dependent on technology that we are blunted into a false spring.

Wake up!

Snap to.

They paved Paradise and put up a parking lot.

Make Earth Day like your Birthday.

Same attention, different presents. These don't come wrapped. These come from the ground up and they will sustain you and me way beyond our little life spans.

Rip out your lawns, put in solar, grey water system your home, teach your children that every drop we drink and use is borrowed and bought and our credit is running out.

Treat your mother with kindness today and make some choice to help her. Something. Turn off the tap as you brush your teeth. Something.