07/16/2007 08:10 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Impeach Now!

Never thought I could listen to Bruce Fein without throwing a brick at
him. But, man! The nerdie rightwing legal beagle is worth hearing on
why Bush and Cheney must be impeached. Yes, must.

Why would I believe Fein on impeachment now when I didn't believe him
when he went after Bill Clinton? (He wrote the first article of
impeachment against Clinton.) Because in this instance, contrary to
his specious puritanical reaction to a sex scandal, Fein makes a
be-yooo-tifully justifiable case against the two of leaders of the

He did it on Bill Moyers Journal the other day, as he did earlier on
against Cheney alone. You can watch Fein do it. Click "watch
video" to see the segment. He makes the case, along with leftie John
Nichols. (The 'twain doth sometimes meet.) If you prefer to read what
they said, click "read transcript."

And here's the video of Moyers' intro. I hope it's a hint of things to
come, though our spineless pols make it doubtful.

Cherry-picking is kosher -- yes it is.