08/14/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

10 Questions For A Thought Leader

Here are ten questions to ask yourself when you have a minute to really think. If you can answer each of them right away, you get a gold star for being a visionary thought leader! If you wonder what these questions have to do with leadership, you are not up on the latest scientific research in the area of creativity and originality. If that is the case, you can update yourself with a free copy of The Art of Original Thinking on my website. Happy pondering!

Ten Questions for a Visionary Thought Leader

1. Can you name 5 things you are grateful for right now?
2. In what ways do you manifest diversity in your life?
3. Do you have a spiritual practice that helps you maintain balance in your life?
4. Do you initiate meaningful conversation or wait for others to do it?
5. Are you the author of most of your thoughts?
6. How aware are you of the positive or negative energy you are broadcasting?
7. Can you hold two contradictory thoughts in your mind simultaneously without feeling uncomfortable?
8. Are your feelings a response to your thoughts or are your thoughts a response to your feelings?
9. Are you in the habit of triple-bottom line thinking?
10. What strategies do you use to shift beyond duality thinking?

The Art of Original Thinking: The Making of a Thought Leader, available for free at (or just get the nutshell version in the downloadable white paper).