02/14/2014 10:30 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

11 Other Ways to Create Love

What if we jettisoned the clichéd narrative that leads people to think they're all alone if they don't have a significant other come Valentine's Day? What if, instead, we realized that we are never alone, that we have the choice to connect with others, and that if we conduct ourselves with love we can build strong, healthy communities? I think we'd be a lot more happy and a lot more driven. That's why this February I launched #CreateLove.

Valentine's Day is filled with slick marketing images of couples in the delirium of romantic love. That's fine, but what about the love between family members, between friends, and between colleagues? What about the love between baristas and coffee enthusiasts, between bus drivers and passengers, or even a community working in a soup kitchen? I've encouraged people to symbolize different kinds of love by posting a photo of it on Facebook and/or Instagram with the hashtag, #CreateLove. Here are 11 different ways to spread the love:

@shantyofficial wants you just to Be Love. #createlove

@naehalani wants us to hop onboard the kindness bus. #createlove

Lee Yount Jr. and his family just want you to jam. #createlove

Joanna Dougan is spreading the love during her birthday week. #createlove

Plan C Strategies shows us how Boston loves. #createlove

@Chrisabraham and the crew from @MiriamsKitchen prepare to food the homeless. #createlove

Maya Mohan's love comes in a present. #createlove

@olivier_blanchard shares his love through cycling. #createlove

@deneenrenae wants you to walk in love #createlove

@caitlinandhearts thinks there should be elephants involved. #createlove

And sometimes we just have to capture the love that is being created around us, like this photo by @beeonephoto. #createlove

How do you create love and make the world a better place? Share your photos with the hashtag #Createlove and show us.