05/09/2015 12:39 pm ET Updated May 09, 2016

To My Mom: A Six-Part Sample of Your Eulogy Gold, For You, on Mother's Day

Eulogy Gold: A term used in our family to describe a classic, often ridiculous, behavior of a loved one. And while it might be maddening or hysterical in everyday life, it is the thing we imagine we will celebrate and speak of at the end of that person's life, but prefer to note it, often in mutual agreement, while they are still living.

1."Party Time": A special event where Mom takes the grandchildren out from the home to eat fast food, play in the arcade, go bowling, see a movie and have a sleepover without the children's parents, all in one 24-hour period. Sometimes "Party Time" can happen while Mom visits, but only after snacks or activities not approved by children's parents have been purchased and planned. It is not "Party Time" if parents are present. Often sung to the "Wayne's World" theme song, as in "Party Time, Excellent." Often accompanied by a modified version of the cabbage patch dance and humming of "The Hustle" if Mom is really excited. Example: "On Thursday during spring break, who wants to have Party Time with Nan?"

2."The Triangle": A hand gesture wherein both hands come together in the direction of another person, usually during an argument, often taking the shape of a triangle, but representing sincere passion or anger. Mostly used to drive home a point or exhibit a particular level of seriousness. Often accompanied by a clenched jaw. Example: "Mom was so mad, the triangle was out."

3."Loyalty": More commonly known as a typical trait, bond or display of love in family life or in intimate and meaningful relationships. In this context, however, it is a behavior often elevated to impossible heights when applied to Mom's intensity. No wrongdoing (or suspected wrongdoing) by an outsider goes unremembered. Often, she appears to have forgiven, but nothing is forgotten. Example: "I'll never shop in that bookstore again. They didn't have your book on display in the front. Don't worry though, I moved it when the owner wasn't looking."

4."Emoticons": Commonly used to support online communication or text messaging. Mom was an early adopter of emojis and has become a master of sincerely conveying her thoughts and feelings using only tiny pictures of a salsa dancer in a red dress (often accompanied by the suggestion of "Party Time" -- see above -- or a really good mood, school vacation or excitement over an upcoming event), a gun, a shamrock and a baby with a halo. Example: "Hey Mom! You're coming to visit today, right? " Mom (in emojis): "dancer -- shamrock -- dancer -- shamrock". Meaning: Yes I am. I am excited. I am so lucky.

5."The MLK": A reference to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., well known for his powerful, motivational, iconic speeches during the Civil Rights Movement, but applied to Mom when someone she loves or cares about needs a "rise up" pep talk. These talks, emails, texts, phones calls are passionate and heroic, often designed for the underdog or the temporarily unfortunate with a firm belief it will get better, we can change, we must overcome. The level of conviction and belief in the delivery make anything seem possible. Note: "The MLK" is not about sympathy or pity. It is, in fact, a call to action. And that action is on you.

6."Mom Applause": Refers to Mom's style of encouragement and support to her loved ones, in particular her daughters. Goes beyond a typical level of pride or congratulatory behavior. Example (said after a conference or professional meeting): "I trust you dazzled the masses." "Mom Applause" is not reserved for only big achievements and events, but can reverberate through even the most mundane, typical success. Example: Changing banks, getting a all of laundry done, a new outfit. Can also be applied to supporting daughters through a difficult time and usually means exaggerating the mistakes or missteps of others and can generally be summarized as, "Their loss."

We love you -- madly, wildly, like crazy -- the same way you have loved us. And this, we've learned, is the only way to go through life. We celebrate you everyday!

Thank you. Happy Mother's Day.