05/23/2015 08:11 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

5 Naughty Words We Should All Use More Often


Most of us were taught as children not to say certain words. But some of those words are really powerful and we need to take back that power.

The "f" word -- Let's just call a fake a "fake" and get it over with. If you're my friend and you share a confidence I asked you to keep to yourself, then you are a fake friend. On the other hand, if you purchased your boobs, they are fake boobs but if you enjoy them, don't let anyone tell you that they aren't fabulous! Who the hell cares if genetics gave you those big knockers or you purchased them? I sure don't care. Enjoy.

The "n" word -- "No!" is a very powerful word and one that most of us have been taught to rarely use since we were toddlers. But as toddlers, we knew the power of "no" and there is no other two-letter word that conveys such a clear and powerful message. Many "no" alternatives just dance around the essence of the word, such as "I wouldn't recommend that" and "I don't think that's a good idea." How about we revert back to saying, "No!" Just say "no" to someone and feel the power.

The "c" word -- "Crazy" may have been used unfairly in the past to refer negatively to people who had mental health issues beyond their control but "crazy good" is an expression we can all rally around. When you find an expensive item on sale that you were going to buy anyway, that is crazy good. When the person you have a crush on asks you out, that is crazy good. When the dog doesn't chew the sofa or has an accident when you've been gone too long, that is also crazy good. We should all appreciate the crazy good moments in our lives.

The "b" word -- "Bwahahahaha. . . . . !" Who knew such an insignificant sound could actually become a word? And such a sophisticated word. Not only does it imply that you are kidding around but it also lets everyone know that you don't really believe what you just said. It usually takes a YouTube video to convey all of those nuances.

The "s" word -- Bodily functions, expletives and sex acts aside, "sorry" is possibly the "s" word that we should all say more often. As in, "Sorry you are not crazy in love with me. Sorry you don't like my fake boobs! No, I don't want to see you anymore. I wouldn't recommend that anyone dive into your gene pool! But I wish you the best. Bwahahahaha!"

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