11/25/2014 10:52 am ET Updated Jan 25, 2015

Making Way for Number One


Sometimes I feel like my life is more about finding closed doors, rather than open ones. I have traveled down many a path, only to find a dead-end. An attempt to trace the many twists and turns in my life would probably short-circuit Google Maps. Does this make me discouraged? Some times. Frustrated? Often. Ready to start anew? Yes-after I shake off any hurt or sadness or anger that may have resulted from my self-perceived missteps.

But there is one path in my life that has inevitably been clear. It's my number one, the most important thing in my life, and the one thing where I am truly focused and have no doubts. That is my children.

Years ago, while working in a corporate job, my teammates and I were discussing what our number one priority in life was. It was not hard for me to come up with the answer, being a new mother. But making the public declaration was new for me. Of course it is assumed that parents would feel that way, but my stating it made it real for me. It cemented my commitment to myself and to the Universe. It grounded me and has been a guiding light through many of my twisted pathways. I have seen time and time again how, by standing firmly in my beliefs, doors have opened, pathways have cleared and guilt has evaporated.

Take this week, for instance. Whether consciously or unconsciously, I had booked a very light schedule. Of course it's a holiday week and my kids will be home, but they are young adults and very often using this house as merely a sleeping and eating facility, as they are off with their friends most of the time. So in truth it was possible for me to work a few full days. But something told me not to. And now, my daughter is home, sick, and very much needing her mom. In an instant I am able to release any fears, anxieties or frustrations about my business and appreciate the cleared path to be able to focus on my number. In the same way I have come to realize that the Universe doesn't recognize the word "never", I have seen, time and time again, that it lines up with you when you are lined up with yourself. And while the circumstances are not always what I would prefer, I am grateful for both the reminder to keep my focus on and to be of service to my "number ones".

Wishing you clear pathways and an abundance of gratitude!