06/04/2012 12:27 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Curl Culture Trend

Take a minute. Look around. Is it me or do you see curls that were once so contrived and tamed, now being released and embellished? This "Curl Culture Trend" has been witnessed everywhere from the glitzy Hollywood Red Carpet to the beaches of Southern France. The very idea of suppressing the beautiful, intrinsic locks is now a ritual of the past. Today, the trend is to acclimate with the so-called "worrisome curls."

I, like many women, have never known what my hair's true texture was really like. Parents, for lack of not knowing other ways of dealing with our curly hair, would resort to various remedies to solve the "mind of its own curl." From very early on, we've ironed, pressed, or applied chemicals to relax our curls. Until now, most of us never gave our curly locks a chance. There have been lots of reasons for not embracing the curl: Social acceptance, hair products not being available for this distinct need, time consuming, limited style variations, and lack of understanding of how to work with that uncontrollable curl.

Woman of today are turning away from relaxers and are seeking other ways of working with and enhancing their natural tresses. As a hair stylist, I have become extremely bored with the uneventful outcome of using most relaxers available on the market. Relaxers still have their place for some, but the growing climate for change is definitely at hand. The birth of "Keratin Treatments" became the big answer for many. It has been a sensation and certainly welcomed by all seeking new strategies for relaxing the curl. There hasn't been a breakthrough for curly hair in decades. It was exciting to learn a new method of taming the curl. This remedy, I quickly learned, has as many setbacks as relaxers, especially when dealing with multiple types of curls and textures.

What we fail to see is that a curly head of hair is likely to have multiple textures. Hence, it's only logical as to why some of us have had disasters with the various new keratin treatments, let alone relaxers. A great awakening happened for a lot of women after these treatments hit the market. Women no longer want the straight, wimpy hair that relaxers so often give, they just want manageability. With this desire on the lips of so many clients, the next question is how to get there. If your wish is to regain your natural locks after having used various smoothing and relaxing treatments, I'd say that it will take time, patience, quite a few hair cuts, and the true desire to get acquainted with your natural locks again. Keeping hair that has been chemically treated well conditioned and moisturized, will help you through this transition period. With new and improved products available on the market today addressing the needs of natural curls, many women are able to have the versatility unlike before. When hair is left in its natural state and properly cared for, worn curly or straight, its advantages are very rewarding. This is definitely the new trend on the rise.

The "Curl Culture Trend" has learned to manage curls, instead of controlling them. Curls will do what they want and when they want. That's the beauty of them. That statement alone reinforces that rockin' your own natural hair sets you apart from others. No two people will have the exact same components consisting of curl patterns, density, length, or color making you even more unique. There is pure natural beauty in the "Curl Culture Trend." It's fresh, new and exotic. Look around.