04/22/2013 02:27 pm ET Updated Jun 20, 2013

The New Hair Trend is "Less"


The hair world is a revolving door of change. Optimizing the best hair care and styles with the least amount of effort, is a thriving movement called the "Less Trend."

If we were to look back in time as far as the 1800s, hairstyles were more complex than a math equation. I still marvel at the old black and white films that conveyed some of the most elaborate and obscure hairstyles ever created. That span of hair styles were expressions of what I call "art in motion."

Today, hairstyles are far more simplistic. Thank God right? Yet an effortless hairstyle executed properly, will impart the same amount of beauty as preceding styles worn centuries ago. A clear example would be a traditional bun, folded with less constraint, allowing some hair to fall freely. The hairstyles in the fashion world today often dabble from the past and impart a less formal expression to the hairstyles of this day and age.

The classic hairstyles of the yesteryears are still worn today. Some of the styles that fit the narrative of "less" are, chignons, French rolls, high and low buns, braids, twist, ponytails, knots and don't forget the look of free styling natural curls, which are a very prominent look of today. We need not mention the low maintenance that some natural curly/wavy hairstyles require.

Seeking less effort in caring for our tresses is high on the "By Any Means List." Less chemicals, blow drying, brushing and combing are all inclusive of the "Less" Trend." The "Less Trend" is not forfeiting a great look by any means. Singer Nicki Minaj on the cover of Elle Magazine's April issue 2013 exhibits a look that parades the "Less Trend" beautifully. The hair is minimally styled, yet her extremely bleached coif, gives Minaj the edge that we've known this artist to own.

People adopting the "Less Trend" to their hair needs are seeking creative ways of doing so. An unconstructive or geometric haircut could be an answer for some individuals. Boy cuts can be a great escape and a saving grace, but be careful when choosing this look. A challenging texture could counteract your efforts.

I'm not one to push chemical treatments, but for some of us, it's a must. My dear Mom would always say that moderation is key. I apply her belief to many aspects of my life. It seemed only logical to apply this concept to chemicals applied to the hair. A mild texturizer or Keratin Treatment can save you time and effort if your hair has extreme curls, waves or frizz. An application of either of these treatments based on your texture, as little as twice a year, could be a blessing for individuals in need of them. If this isn't your case and your locks are a lot more manageable, stick to styling products that can help you address your concerns.

Dry shampoos are a big hit and a huge time saver. A great style and blow dry can be extended a few extra days with a dry shampoo, which is a notable bonus with the hustle and bustle of our world today.

Setting your hair may seem like a huge task and old fashion, but believe it or not, it gives hair more staying power. Each day it transforms into something a little different. I would say that the longer you wear a set style, the better it looks. The ends are smoother, not to mention healthier. You can go from a bouncing curly style to a sleek up do. This process won't be for everybody, but for the few of you who want to take a little time to save some time, it works.

Headbands cover a multitude of sins and hairpins can create direction and desired shapes for those days we have even less time to fuss with our locks. Hair ties can create amazing quick minute up dos to get you through those last minute commitments that just weren't on your agenda. These easy fixers can make you look as though you've had a salon visit.

Minimum effort made to look effortless is the "Less Trend," Beauty is never compromised by less, only enhanced. "HAIL" to the "Less Trend."