12/01/2010 06:13 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Holiday Job Shopping Can Be A Smart Strategy

Traditionally, the end of year is the busiest shopping season of all. If you've been out of work all year, the looming holidays can be a depressing prospect. Common job seeker belief is that this is the slow hire period and the smart strategy is to put off looking until the New Year.

Hark! Hear the bells! This is not the time to give up. This is the time to let your abilities, enthusiasm and availability shine for you!

While others are slowing down their job search for the holidays, this is the exact time to spruce up your resume and make some calls. The employers you want to reach are probably in the best position to consider hiring you because many companies complete their fiscal year by budgeting for the next. This most often includes allowing for any new hiring that will occur. So, as your job search competitors are going into holiday mode, grab the attention and good cheer of hiring managers and turn your shopping spree into a shiny new job!

During this slow period, employer's schedules are more open than usual, and I can't stress how important networking is. This is the perfect time to do it. Right now, ask your employed friends to invite you to their company holiday parties and make that time work for your job search. Talk to the other employees about the company and learn if there are job openings or future planned hiring. The components of Luck are: Learning, Using, Communicating and Kindling! Kindle your holiday fire by finding the right opportunity. You have to put yourself in a position for luck to find you.

One solid tip this time of year is: Make a list and check it twice! Create a list of every interview you've had this past year and send holiday cards to each of them. Don't worry about finding fancy expensive cards; that's not the point. It's about reminding them that you are still out there and getting back on their radar. They will appreciate the thought, even if they don't have a job for you at the moment. You will be at the top of their list in the New Year as they search their files for candidates. You may even choose to send a smart, personalized and attractive holiday greeting that you create electronically! Show your skills off!

Persistence beats resistance, every time! So, continue to screen the classifieds and web-postings. Use your social media outlets to let people know you are looking for work.

Finding the right job is definitely a gift you give to yourself. Making sure there are gifts for your loved ones and friends during this holiday season is also possible. TEMPORARY WORK IS OUT THERE!!! Sign up with Apple One via our website ( or come into your local AppleOne office (or any temp agency), and be surprised by who you might help, while helping yourself. As you're playing holiday elf to a company, remember to mention that this is a seasonal job and you are seeking fulltime employment.

Keep in mind: Once you get the interview, be cheerful. Don't bring the weight of the year with you. We have all felt the turbulence of the past few years, but attitude is a powerful thing and can change lives. It can change yours! God Bless you.