05/07/2015 05:15 pm ET Updated May 07, 2016

What Kids Are Really Thinking on Mother's Day

On Mother's Day, young kids cheerfully give their moms flowers, candy, or whatever bauble Dad has helped them buy. But they're often mystified. Why say thanks to mom? Isn't she supposed to take care of you?

Gratitude doesn't come naturally to kids, so it helps to have a sense of humor. As I researched my new book The Gratitude Diaries (to be published in August by Dutton), I discovered that children can learn about gratitude if parents take a positive approach. Try saying thanks to them -- and then have them reflect on the good things that happened in their day.

But understand that when you're doing a good job as a mom, your kids don't realize it's a job. What are they really thinking? Find out in this video. It may remind you that you haven't said "thanks" to your own mom in a while -- so share it with her.