04/13/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Media. Strap it on.

This picture (below) was included as part of a report in MediaPost about a new laboratory opened by Metrics Marketing to help seekers unlock the truth about consumer eyeballs and the pattern in which they absorb the reflected light bouncing off web pages - or, more specifically, the pattern in which they absorb the reflected light bouncing off the advertisements on web pages.

Eye-tracking technology is not new, but this most recent announcement and the picture of the young woman with the cool binoculars is the inspiration for a further and perhaps final step in the evolution of new media - one that might put an end to the worry about what happens to media dollars after they are converted to electrons and released to spawn in the open waters of the marketplace.

Let's give everyone a pair of eye-tracking binoculars in exchange for free content. Order two cable boxes and get four pair of binoculars. Enter the proper code to view programming for free through the binoculars. Ditto Internet service. As long as you are wearing the binoculars in front of your screen, the Wall Street Journal online will cost you nothing.

The same opportunities are present with digital out-of-home and mobile. Wear the "binocs" around town and in the car (high-definition, polarized sunglass lenses optional) and earn credits redeemable at participating retail establishments. iApps are available for the binocs that transfer images to built-in heads-up display technology. Experience what it is to talk to the avatar images of your Facebook friends while navigating through the urban jungle thanks to Google maps. Binocs also comes with free, six-month satellite radio trial.

Media. Strap it on. Help stop the madness.