10/22/2012 11:33 am ET Updated Dec 22, 2012

Gessler Dismisses $1,400 Payment to Himself as "Penny Ante"

In what appears to be his first public comments on news reports that he used his office's discretionary funds to give himself what amounted to a $1,400 bonus, Secretary of State Gessler told KNUS that the issues involved are "petty stuff" and the Denver Post is on a "jihad" against him.

Kelley talks a lot about how tough it was for him when he was unemployed, before landing his KNUS gig. And I believe him.

But you wonder how can he sit there and let Scott Gessler call $1,400 "penny ante, petty stuff," and the Post is engaging in "fly specking" (which, in case you didn't know, means "to examine in minute detail" according to the American Heritage dictionary).

Kelley should have asked Gessler why, if he thinks $1,400 is so insignificant, like fly excrement, why he bothered to ask his staff to cut him a check for that exact amount, apparently without providing any justification for receiving the cash.

Kelley also let Gessler go on about how his predecessors used discretionary funds, without pointing out that they did so within the proper protocols of their offices, while apparently Gessler did not.

And then there's the part about Gessler saying the Post is on a jihad against him.

Kelley should have pointed out that, to be fair, it looks more like the other way around, with Gessler repeatedly flogging the Post's editorial board, equating "the left" with the "mainstream media," saying the mainstream media doesn't like Republicans sho shake things up, and more.

I hope Kelley addresses these matters next time Gessler is on the line.

Listen here to Gessler on KNUS Kelley and Company 10-19-2012.