05/28/2010 12:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Letter From Washington

The White House today revealed the existence of a NASA-developed technology used to photograph the imaginations of anyone on the planet. The breakthrough, known as Imuno-Impression Photography, uses Tyrolean alpha-waves to render mental impressions such as memories, fantasies, etc.

Here is the first such clip ever made public. Shot by the Space Shuttle Atlantis on its most-recent mission, the images are from the mind of Kim Jong-Il. They are a terrifying glimpse into the mind of the North Korean despot and are the clearest indication that he is preparing his country for war with the south.

That the clip was mentally titled "Funny! Two Cats Fighting" by Kim Jong-Il only serves to further illustrate how disturbed he is.

(Note: In case you don't read Korean, the cat on the right is North Korea.)