01/17/2013 04:53 pm ET Updated Mar 19, 2013

This Afternoon In Religion Headlines

This afternoon in religion and end-of-life news:

-- On BloggingHeads, Sarah Posner and David Gushee get into a fascinating conversation about the Rev. Louie Giglio and what the controversy over him bowing out of giving the benediction at President Barack Obama's inauguration means for evangelicals.

-- "Dear Abby" has died. She was 94 years old. Watch HuffPost Live discussion on her death here. On different topic, HuffPost Live also examines the rise of secularism.

-- Arin Greenwood of HuffPost D.C. chronicles the viral Craigslist ad of "seven single Jewish males looking to host seven single females for shabbat dinner."

-- USA Today reports that some health care workers are skipping getting the flu vaccine because of their religious beliefs.

-- At America magazine, the Rev. James Martin asks if the public should forgive Lance Armstrong now that he has reportedly come clean about doping in an Oprah interview.