07/10/2014 05:08 pm ET Updated Sep 09, 2014

Do You Trust Yourself? The Jelly Beans of Life

Baby boomers... do you trust yourself?

Do you trust your instincts?

If you made a life altering decision today do you honestly believe you would be successful?

That's a very tough question isn't it?

Almost as tough as having complete and absolute trust in yourself.

I have found that very few people have it.

I found out that I am one of them.

Let me explain.

Anyone who has followed my mission to find my true passion in life knows that the best thing that could possibly happen to me occurred on January 5, 2012.

It was that day that I was. as I like to say, "unceremoniously kicked to the curb" by the Fortune 500 company I was working for "like an unwanted piece of old furniture."

It was later that day that I vowed to myself to begin a new path to a better and more satisfying life.

It took me a couple of weeks to develop the courage to do that and convince myself that I could be successful without having a nice, secure, cushy, 6 figure middle management job as the basis of my personal identity.

I thought, for the time, that I trusted myself.

But, last year when I first published this particular blog (yes, I am re-purposing an old blog but shame on you for not noticing) the winds of fate blew across my life.

I found myself employed in the corporate world... again.

Ironically, working for an outsourcing company that was contracted by the very same company that fired me.

I convinced myself that this job was different than my previous one.

I promised (myself and my followers) it would not interfere with my focus to carry on with my plans to stay engaged with my Survive55 priorities.

I convinced myself that this new opportunity afforded me everything I was looking for in a job:

  • A chance build a bigger "fun bucks" retirement fund for myself and my grandkids
  • A chance to build a whole new circle of professional relationships
  • A chance to put another "success" stamp on my career resume (nobody likes their last at bat to be a pop-up)
  • and

  • A chance to even exact a little vindication from the outcome of my previous position.

How sweet is that?

Luckily, the company's contract was rescinded and my employment only last 60 days.

But, during that time I let that job interfere with my blogging.

During that time, I let this job control my priorities.

During this time, I lost confidence in myself that I could be successful, on my own, outside of the corporate world.

"Sometimes life gets in the way of living."

Again, it took me a couple of weeks to convince myself that I could be successful without having a nice, secure, cushy, 6 figure middle management job as the basis of my personal identity.

Once again, I thought, for the time, that I trusted myself.

I threw myself back into my Survive55 "passion" convincing myself that I was now ready to make an honest go of it.

Well, my story doesn't end there folks.

Tomorrow, I officially quit my job.


What job?

Let me back up a bit.

While working for this outsourcing company I did "develop a new circle of professional relationships" and this led to another offer to work for a local company in the same industry.

Even more ironically, this company was a distributor for the Fortune 500 company that originally fired me.

Could this be karma knocking again?

So, in March I began working for this company.

I do want to add that it took several months of hard negotiation with the owner (and myself) before I decided to try the corporate world again.

Obviously, I had trust issues in myself.

Fortunately, it only took me about 90 days to realize that I couldn't do it.

I couldn't keep pretending to myself that I could follow my priorities while trying to sustain the security blanket of a salaried corporate job.

So, I quit.

That's right, I quit.

This time, I quit the corporate world and not the other way around.

Yes, that means that I no longer have a corporate identity to impress people with.

Yes, that means I don't know where my next paycheck is coming from.

Yes, that means that I am going to have to really tighten my belt and watch every penny.

Does this mean that I really and truly want to follow my passion and build my future financial empire on my own?

Do I finally trust myself?

What do you think?

I guess what I am preaching to you is that:

Even though the immediate future may seem frightening and intimidating when you decide to jump off the "rat race" treadmill and begin really focusing on what is important for your life, fate will supply a soft cushion for you to land on and will offer up many roads to choose from that will lead you to your true success in life.

Trust me in what I am saying but more importantly trust yourself.

But don't wait too long.

Hopefully, nobody comes along next week and offers me a really nice, secure, cushy, 6 figure, middle management job.

Just kidding?

I want to send huge Thanks to a good friend and avid Survive 55 follower Deborah Kay Brown for having the incredibly good timing to send me an email with the video below.

It had to be karma.

It came at precisely the right time to keep me from losing focus and drifting off into old, careless habits again.

We don't have that many jelly beans left.

Use them wisely.